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December 1st 2017 – Quellsshire

Saudi Arabia/ Mid East:A�The anti corruption investigations continue apace. They may come to a sudden halt in early December, possibly with blood on the carpet. UAE* could take a knock during the xmas/new year period, enforcing positive changes for its future wellbeing.

Ukraine: The new year begins quite emotionally as further pages from the Panama Papers flutter down over Kiev, causing more finger-pointing in the Chambers of Government. Top heads could go during the last quarter of 2018.

CIS/Russia: Signs of thawing in the phoney a�?cold wara�? against Putin promise an early meeting with Trump, even as early as January 2018.

EU/Brexit: The Poles and Hungarians are back at the Gates... this time ita��s Brusselles. Not a 1683 replay, but some gains emerging for both nations. Will the UK pay the 60Billion ransom for leaving the EU? Unlikely, expect a breakthrough by early/mid Dec. The Euro will take another unexpected downturn during mid-December, further compounding the EUa��s money problems.

USA: It has bottomed out now and is inching its way back up into the sunlit higher ground. Running on into 2018, the tangible effects of Trumps work in 2017 will begin to materialise and a certain degree of the hysteria around him looks set to ease. Federal lands may open to buyers/frackers, but farmers could be hit hard by tax changes. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) will be happy with its forecasts for 2018 forwards.
Overseas, the US will be working hard and successfully for peace and cooperation in the Middle East. With a probable meeting with Putin in Moscow in early 2018, watch this space.
Meanwhile, will Alaskan Caribou need GPS to work around the new prospectors?

UN: The Un-united Nations are still reading from different scripts as the struggles for dominance and clarity continue. No changes here until spring 2018 at the earliest.

Spain: Mucho hand-wringing in Brussells as the election looms in Barcelona, more hand-wringing to follow.

Germany: Merkel has peaked, recent elections brought big wins for AfD, more coming soon. No more tears in the Tiergarten for Merkel, but she could shedA�some in the Reichstag, as the power struggle commences.

Mongolia: An emerging dragon? New trading partners, bolstered gold reserves, plus a nod from the FRC, all indicate a positive growth in the coming year.

Singapore: This once safehaven may lose that hard earned status.

Albania: Still stumbling at the final hurdle for EU admission, little improvement in the coming year.

Armenia/Azerbaijan: EU entry for both is thwarted as tensions and the blame game continues. Little positive change likely here in 2018.

Australia: Something is brewing in Australia, and frankly right now we do not quite know what. But our team is working on it. The Pilbara goldrush we know, we talked about that at the start of August 2017, but this is different. Word is that there is some sort power struggle afoot and change is in the air, not only in Sydney but also Adelaide. Wea��ll keep you posted.

Currencies: Global cards are being kept close to the chest, but do not be surprised if the way that we do business changes. Amidst all the huff, fluff and frankly guff over cryptocurrencies, there is a new deal about to be put on the table, and Trump may even be the man to do it.


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